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We send Backpage Credits Gift Cards instantly by email.

1. Select an Advertisement Credits Gift Card Package.

2. Complete Payment, we will send your Ads Credits Gift Cards Instantly at your Backpage email!

3. Using Ads Credits Gift Cards, start posting ads on Backpage instantly.

The entire process takes only minutes, You need these:

  1. A. Your Backpage or PostFastr email address to receive Ads Credits Gift Cards & start posting.
  2. B. Valid payment method such as PayPal, Credit card, Debit card etc.
  3. C. We send Ads Credits Gift Cards at your Backpage email / in your shipping address.

Step 1

Select a suitable payment method & Choose a Ads Credits Gift Card Package. Enter your Postfastr / Backpage email address where you want to receive Backpage Credits Gift Cards and enter phone number.

Step 2

Complete payment, you will receive Advertisement Credits Gift Cards instantly in your Backpage / PostFastr email to post or upgrade your ads right away.